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What Is A Ketogenic Diet? And How the ketogenic diet works.

How the ketogenic diet works.

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  • What Is A Ketogenic Diet and How the ketogenic diet works.
  • A keto/ketogenic diet is a diet in which one consumes foods with a very high concentration of fat and little or (better yet) no carbs.
  • When you eat lots of carbs, it causes your body to produce a lot of glucose & insulin. Glucose is what your body uses for energy. Since glucose is the easiest to metabolize & burn, glucose is simply chosen over the existing stored fat in your body when you’re eating carbs. Also, foods with excess carbs that you’re eating are converted into fat by the body instead of being burned. Insulin is the chemical that your body uses to process the glucose & then convert it to energy.
  • Since carbs produce insulin & glucose, which causes fat to be stored rather than burned. Also, on a high-carb diet it can be incredibly hard to lose weight, even if you eat very little fat (not to mention it is less delicious & a lot more hard to follow).
  • How the ketogenic diet works
  • However, by lowering your intake of carbs you produce far lesser amounts of glucose & insulin. This causes your body to go into ketosis state. Ketosis is what happens when your body becomes used to lower intake of food, or in this case, to lower intake of carbs. It causes your liver to begin producing ketones. Ketones are energy molecules much like glucose, except that they cause your body to run entirely off on stored fat instead of the carbs that you usually eat.
  • When the body begins producing ketones, the state of ketosis kickstarts. To induce ketosis, eat 40 g or less of carbs each day. If you’re not sure, you should actually measure if you’re in a state of ketosis by using ketone strips in your mouth or you may use on other bodily fluids. These tests can detect ketones & will tell you if you’re producing them. There’re also other process by which to determine if you’re in a state of ketosis.
  • If you’re very thirsty or maybe if you’re suffering from dry mouth syndrome, this is a sign you’re in ketosis. This happens because of a certain ketone body, acetoacetate, that winds up in your urine during ketosis. This causes you to have to go to the bathroom a lot & is also the big reason for the thirst & dry mouth syndrome. If you are in ketosis, you’ll feel an increase in energy & a noticeable decrease in hunger.
  • Weight loss is an added benefit of ketosis, however, there’re other health benefits too.
  • One of these benefits is increased awareness & sharp focus. This is because burning energy from ketones, rather than the usual glucose, causes increased blood flow to the brain. This also causes a decrease in the risk for potential cognitive diseases.
  • foods you should always have in your kitchen
  • Going into a state of ketosis not only increases & improves brain function but it helps you control your blood sugar as well. With increased mental focus, cognitive function, awareness, & good blood sugar comes incredible energy boosts. You’re functioning at your ability when you’re in a state of ketosis, which simply begs the question.. how do I get there?
  • The answer is plain & simple: with food. Here are some of the tips for the main foods to eat for ketosis & some which you’ve to avoid even if they may technically still be healthy.
  • You probably know this one already. Whole foods are better than processed foods! The more real foods you eat, like fresh meats, nuts, & vegetables, the better. It is even more beneficial if your meat eats grass instead of grain. Eat plenty of wild caught fish, all-natural lamb, chicken , beef, & pork. These foods are full of fat & protein, & are exactly what you need. The organ meat is particularly beneficial because of all the nutrients.
  • Make sure to eat your salad! Leafy greens like romaine, spinach , lettuce, & kale are main ones. To this, add lots of tomatoes, garlic , & onions to flavor your meals. Eat plenty of fats from foods like nuts, avocados, olive oil , & coconut oil, & use these in your cooking as well to spike the fat levels in your food. Eat cheeses & creams abundantly, as they are high in fat & nutrients, but avoid milk products & low-fat milk.
  • Do not skip your morning coffee. However, please skip the tablespoon of sugar, though. Drink wine or maybe liquor if you want to drink alcohol, but drink them with water or maybe club soda to avoid sugary beverages. Please don’t drink beer.
  • Also, please avoid all grains, starchy vegetables & legumes. No bread, no beans, no pasta, none of that. How should you prepare food? Is there some great, amazing foolproof system for cooking healthy, ketosis-inducing meals? Two words: Slow Cooker/ Crock. Pot.

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