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A weekend all to yourself, without stress or guilt? We all dream about it. But we don’t allow ourselves to. What if we dared… The program: the pleasure treatments that we never take the time to do.

Time for everything but oneself: 36% of French women complain that they never have a free moment. We eat when we can or when we must. We sleep – statistically less and less – when we’re done, not when we feel like it. And “taking care of oneself” borders on exploit, or even scandal, or at least rampant guilt. Constraints exist, it is true, but no one gains anything by engaging in sacrificial competition. By running too fast, you lose sight of yourself and blame your loved ones for abandoning your strength and pleasures. Stopping for two days or dreaming for an hour in the bath, hydrating or massaging … This sweet break does not only reconcile you with yourself: it allows you to recover good energy, to give.

Stop your watch to find your rhythm

Two days at home. One-on-one with your needs and desires. And if these forty-eight hours are really impossible to take, you decide to give yourself some time off. An evening or Sunday afternoon, for example. And in the meantime you forget the official time. Because everything usually contributes to the loss of one’s own, intimate rhythms: one obeys work schedules, the timing of home obligations, etc. The only clock to respect is one’s own. We eat when we’re hungry, we sleep when we’re sleepy. It’s delicious to reconnect with one’s buried feelings, and very instructive! We rediscover the muzzled needs of our organism, we then remember them to “adjust” our imposed schedules and modify our habits a little: drink more regularly, eat less quickly and, perhaps, less and more often, etc. With this freeze frame, the body regains a kind of original innocence.

Eating and drinking: pure, sweet, regressive

It also relearns to eliminate: when we are at rest, diuresis is more abundant. It is necessary to drink. Water, green tea, broth, fresh fruit juices… And the “deflation” operation is all the more effective as it lightens the digestive work. The stomach calms down and is neither upset nor overloaded. Feelings of hunger and satiety return to their truth. For a few hours, you may feel like living, as Paulina says beautifully, “with a spoon in your mouth”: vegetable soup, stewed fruit, yoghurt… Or making tiny sandwiches with everything you like. Because that’s what it’s all about: eating what we like first. And think of the most innocent of voluptuous pleasures: snacking, with its amber tea and gingerbread tongues lacquered with white sugar. Make it light, but above all, make it tender

A pink skin of pleasure

The skin also gets tired from running. Stressed, flappy, it needs to be gently cleansed and “dressed”. Dominique Rist, Assistant Director of Training at Clarins, recommends exfoliating your face and body to remove dead cells, activate surface circulation and allow better penetration of the active products applied afterwards.
“Put a good dab of Gentle Peeling in your hand, knead and apply as a skin care cream over the entire face, except around the eyes. Don’t forget the area around the lips, neck and décolleté. Press a little with the flat of your hand to make it adhere. Do not proceed, then, by small circular movements, too pressed and aggressive, but with ample gestures, while maintaining well the tissues. Rinse with warm water and dry.

For the body, proceed on a wet skin, it’s softer: big nut of Exfoliating Scrub in the hand, knead, apply in layer on the whole body and rub generously. You can add shower gel to the exfoliating product: it washes, lathers and exfoliates at the same time.

For the back, use Mass-Mouss, a washing flower that reaches the bottom of the shoulder blades, but avoid the glove or the horsehair strap. “Like Dominique, we prefer soft scraping to bloody scrubbing, and synthetic gloves to hard horsehair. You can also, in the shower or bath, soap yourself abundantly with dermatological bread or gel and loofah. Of course, the ultimate rinse with… cold water!

Soft masks like nannies

After exfoliating, massage your body with a creamy milk and put a comfort mask on your face. The three products mentioned by Mireille C., our dermatologist, are remarkable: Sensaï de Kanebo can be used in the evening and kept all night long, or several hours during the day. Fluid and generous, it contains apricot essence and a Barrier Effect Amplifier, which soften, plump and revive the epidermis.

Estée Lauder Triple Moisturizing Cream increases skin’s moisture content by 70% in fifteen minutes of application! This “super-moisturized” water encapsulated in emollient oils, which are in turn surrounded by water, blows clean, moisturized air over your face.

Alongside this irreplaceable mask, we cannot fail to mention the brand’s latest addition, the Re-Nutriv Lifting Intensive Mask. Hyaluronic acid, whey protein, vitamin E, it gently whips even the most exhausted skin and regenerates it.

“Last, but not least”, Hydra-Flash by Sisley, fresh and melting, whose serine, naturally present in the skin tissue, fixes water and prevents its loss. Delicious to apply, it would be waiting for a piece of horn.

For those who are worried and hyper-reactive, remember the nanny softness of Avene Soothing Moisturizing Mask: creamy and pure, it contains 73% thermal water, instantly relieves tightness and irritation, and brings back an optimal level of hydration.
The skin is in a state of deviation The skin becomes as soft as he is. And finally, a dangerous delight: Shiseido Benefiance Firming Massage Mask. You spread it out, massage it into your skin, insisting on shiatsu pressure points (the technique is explained), feel vitamin E granules melt under your fingers and “filocher” into the epidermis full of humectant principles, look at yourself, and you find yourself radiant. It is almost immoral!

Feet and hands massaged and loved

For lack of time, we always sacrifice our extremities. Marie-France, a manicurist at Lucie Saint Clair’s, advises to dedicate a night in solitude to our hands, these eternal parched ones. We coat them copiously with very greasy cream – Avibon or Neutrogena concentrated formula -, put on a pair of white cotton gloves and, in the morning, the day dawns on a pair of small silk balls!

For filing, sanding, smoothing, it is more circumspect. No big untimely maneuvers or scissors cutting sessions that could damage the nail matrix. One can push back his small skins on still wet fingers with a rough terry towel or, very carefully, with a stick surrounded by cotton, file his nails with small regular blows without clearing the sides too much and, especially, start again to nourish them with the Apricot Cream (Dior).

For the feet, same reserves: Anne-Marie, a medical pedicurist at Sothys, fears wild pedicures and insists on the smoothing and moisturizing treatment: “When you take your bath, you can clean the edges of your toes with a nail brush, it eliminates small skins. You should also take the opportunity to exfoliate your feet, insisting on the heels and roughness with a thick grain product. I use Akiléine’s anti-callosity cream. The important thing is to dry carefully and then moisturize well. Neutrogena for dry feet is ideal for very dry skin. It is best to keep it overnight in cotton socks. »

For the final refinement, don’t get upset at (badly) applying varnish. Instead, remove the remaining lacquer (Anne-Marie recommends never keeping it for a month: it dries out and “suffocates” the keratin), and polish your nails with the special paste and chamois leather polisher (perfect at the Institut Laugier). They will have a shiny rosé shell shine.

To go further
For more information, contact the Laugier Institute :

Silky and lively hair

Stress takes a toll, rest and introspection are the key. Hair is very sensitive: “It is a living, porous material, which “takes” pollution and fatigue, gets dirty and tarnishes very quickly,” explains Leonor Greyl.

If you have a little time, you should do the right thing: carefully brush upside down to remove dust and bring the sebum from the scalp back to the often dry ends; massage it with firm fingers to activate the circulation; give it regular nourishing care; and shampoo at least twice a week. »

For the treatment, she advises to spread her famous – and superb – Palm Oil, then to brush it to make it penetrate the hair fibre and protect the keratin. Under a warm towel, keep it for an hour, an afternoon or all night. Leonor Greyl has also just developed the Jasmine Flower Mask, with essential and vegetable oils, organic acids and proteins. It can be applied to dry hair before shampooing, and its light whipped cream and divine scent make it a delicious “cap”. At Furterer, we also like the classic – but amazing – Shea Butter Conditioning Cream and Safflower Oil phials. And at Carita, we like the “patootie mix” (it’s soft and smells great!): a little Beauty Fluid 14 diluted in a knob of Energizing Cream. Plus, it makes dreamy hands, because this Fluid shows just as much talent for body and face!

When you wash your hair, remember Leonor’s advice: “Wet your hair with lukewarm, not hot, water. Knead your shampoo in the palm of your hand to distribute it evenly. Massage your scalp. Rinse. Do a second round if you want. For the final rinse, cold water, then a few drops of vinegar mixed with two glasses of mineral water (not hard). You will see your hair come back to life. “It takes two days for it to come back to life!

Shrink: dare to transgress

Why is it both so delicious and so difficult to treat yourself to a weekend all to yourself, free of all the conveniences and seriousness? Because of unconscious issues at work in each of us.

Narcissistic transgression.

Listening only to one’s need for sleep, for a hot bath, for sweetness, is tantamount to regressing to the stage of infantile narcissism, to the period when one was “His Majesty the baby”.

Yet education and morality enjoin us not to focus on ourselves and condemn so-called selfish satisfactions.

Impulsive transgression

. Abandoning the laws of dietetics and succumbing to the pleasure of eating pasta with butter or chocolate toast – child foods par excellence – allows us to enjoy the free exercise of the oral impulse.

Intellectual transgression

. Spending our weekends watching stupid TV series is an escape from the framework of good intellectual taste in which we lock ourselves up to give the appearance of seriousness. For the guilt-prone people we are, transgression rhymes with punishment. So we would never dare to do so if we did not have, at the same time, the delicious pleasure of violating the forbidden.

Digestion: rest!

To relax, detoxify and deflate, Sylvie Bertin, naturopath and former Miss France, advises resting the digestive system. Over 24 hours, a hydrous fast or a monodiet.


“Never more than a day without medical supervision. To make the time seem shorter, I suggest doing it from lunch to lunch. Usual breakfast, preferring rusks to bread, more digestible, and jam with honey that ferments when mixed with starches. Light lunch: fish and steamed vegetables, or wholemeal pasta or rice and steamed vegetables. Then, nothing more until lunch the next day, taken on the same pattern. You will have skipped only dinner and breakfast, and you will have cleansed your body without wasting away! Above all, drink a litre and a half of liquid during the day. For herbal teas, think of a blend that facilitates elimination and stimulates the intestines, liver and kidneys: dandelion-fumitory-shittle-ball and/or cherry stems for example. »

The monodiet

“I often recommend apple: it is delicious and “edible” in different forms. For one day, crunch, squeeze into fresh juice, grate, “compote”, bake in the oven and eat only that. »

“Walking in the woods eases tensions”

Taking care of yourself also means getting some fresh air. As a physical education teacher, Hervé Corre offers personalised programmes – including walking in the forest – to help everyone regain their balance.

The ideal equipment?

Comfortable: good walking shoes and breathable materials (cotton, Goretex). In cold weather, cover your head and breathe in through your nose or through a scarf. This prevents the cold from biting your lungs.

How do I walk?

Above all, treat yourself! Some people need to let off steam, others need to wander around looking at the trees. My advice: don’t aim for performance. Favour time – 3/4 of an hour minimum – at the distance and let yourself go. Relaxation will come naturally after the effort.


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